What Is a Formal Meeting?

Meetings can be formal in person or via the internet. They are gatherings of people who have come together to discuss a particular topic. These are usually highly structured and adhere to specific rules of order, pre-planned topics, and clearly defined goals. They usually require the presence of a designated notetaker, as well as an agenda, and a specific notice sent to attendees to be considered official. Additionally formal meetings require https://boardroomrecords.com/why-boardrooms-need-great-marketing-leaders/ precise minutes of the meeting that are exact transcriptions of what was discussed during the meeting. They are then made available to everyone to be consulted later.

During these meetings, attendees are encouraged to openly share their ideas about the advantages and cons of various options, and provide their own views in order to reach a consensus decision that is best for the company. In many cases the decisions made at these meetings result in significant company-wide actions.

To ensure that a formal gathering is conducted in a timely manner, a moderator or facilitator is usually entrusted to act as a timekeeper, and keep everyone’s discussion focused on the issue at hand. It is important to agree at the outset of the meeting how the meeting will be conducted. For example, if participants will be taking turns speaking it’s important to decide how long each person must speak for and agree on conventions, such as setting up a clock or using a timer to ensure that everyone is on the right path. It’s also helpful to send a summary of the meeting as well as any important deadlines or next steps.

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